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Accessorizing a bookshelf is often a stressful challenge. Try our simple step process and turn it into a fun styling adventure!

Understanding Your Space

What you choose to showcase on your shelf should reflect the space that it is in. Since a lot of your items will be decorative, choose items that go with the style and purpose of the room. Once you have selected what you want to incorporate on your shelf or shelving unit, place it all in front of you so you can start to conceptualize options for their placement.


Books work as functional pieces in your display. It is also one of the only times you are allowed to” ‘Judge a book by its cover” Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you should choose your books accordingly. For a monochromatic result, choose books with all white spines. A more colorful display would work for an abstract space like a loft or as a pop of color in a neutral space. Don’t feel limited to displaying your books vertically. You can stack 2-3 horizontal and place an accessory on top to create interest.

Adding some silver, gold or mirrored accessories will light up your shelving space. Choose pieces that generate not only sparkle and shine but that are unique in nature tO work as conversation starters. Once again, keep in mind the space you are working in. A mirrored jeweler box can work in a bedroom, while a silver cluster of candleholders will fit well in a living room setting for added ambience.

Less is more. Use negative space to your advantage as it is an essential element in any design. Don’t feel stuck with your placement choices! Re-arrange and re-assess! Move things around until you have created exactly the aesthetic, flow and style you intended. Your newly stylized bookshelf will speak volumes of your space and design style and the best part is it can be an on-going project that changes throughout the seasons and holidays.

Adding some artwork into your shelves is a great way to incorporate layering. You can also use small mirrors for added depth. Adding wallpaper to the back of your shelves is another fun way to add depth as the eye will be drawn in. Make sure when layering your items you try and maintain balance by keeping larger items at the back and smaller ones at the front.

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