July 6, 2017 Niche Decor
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Organic Elements

There are endless possibilities when it comes to pulling your decor inspiration from the great outdoors. We don’t just mean creating a cabin-like atmosphere, we are talking about edgy, sophisticated and modern elements that draw you into your space by providing the same earthy comfort you gravite towards in nature. Take elements like branches or coral and implement mirrors or lighting fixtures that bring that element to life.

Furniture Accents

Accent furniture are a direct way of bringing in specific natural elements. Whether it’s a side table, console table or sculptural accessory, these pieces made of raw wood are not only organic, but also add an artistic flare to your space. Once you decide which of these speaks to your interior soul, you can source the perfect piece.

Textures & Accessories

Bringing in natural textures is an easy and fun way to explore a plethora of options when accessorizing your space for a natural setting. Rugs, pillows and throws all have a way of tying a space together so try and pick from elements that inspire you. There are no limits! Even abstract patterns work to bring some nature into your space.

Dress Up Your Walls

Finally, it just does not get easier then dressing up your walls with beautiful photography or paintings of your favorite nature schenes. These can be abstract or traditional scenery art or something bold like a wallpaper to add that extra wow factor. For those brave and willing to try something new, why not create a feature wall with some beautiful digital wallpaper to completely enhance and transform your space.