October 27, 2017 Niche Decor
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As we approach the next season, its hard to imagine letting go of all those warm glowing hues that remind us of the changing leaves of one of the coziest seasons. Lets hold onto Fall just a little bit longer. Here’s how!

Cool crisp nights call for a warm fire. However not everyone has access to a fireplace. A great alternative for creating a cozy and inviting space is through the use of candles. They help to set the ambiance and produce a calming effect.

Nothing screams fall like cuddling up on the couch with a cozy throw blanket. Adding texture into your space helps to add dimension and using a throw to do so, is a quick and inexpensive way. With throws being a smaller accessory, it is easier to go outside of your comfort zone and pick a bold fur or choose a pattern you wouldn’t normally use on a larger piece.

Using an autumn inspired elements to create your table decor will continue to bring that warm fall welcome for your guests from the moment they sit down at your table. Using different textures, heights, and colours will help to create the perfect amount of depth that you are looking for to make something visually interesting for your table.

During the Fall months we are lucky to be exposed to the beautiful colours this season has to offer. A great way to keep this alive in your space is to switch out your small accessories such as pillows, throws, décor, art etc. with accessories that embrace Falls warm natural colours. A little colour goes a long way!

One of our number one go -tos is bringing natural elements into your space. A great example of this is to integrate wooden accents such as bowls, sculptures, trays, décor etc. into your space. It will instantly add warmth to any room. For all of your “holding onto fall” interior decor needs visit one of our two showrooms. We have everything you need to keep the spirit of fall alive in your space. Happy shopping!

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